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Vertex FNB-V131-UNI Battery

Get theAi??Vertex FNB-V131-UNI BatteryAi??for your Vertex VX-231 or VX-230 radio. This Lithium-Ion battery can stay charged for up to 10 hours, and it easy and fast to charge back up again. If you buy more than 6 of these radios, you might want to consider aAi??6-Bank Radio ChargerAi??to save you time and money for charging… read more

6-Shot Slim Charger For The Motorola CP200 UHF 16 Channel Radio

When you need a charger for yourAi??Motorola CP200 UHFAi??16 channel radio, look no further. We carryAi??two way radioAi??chargersAi??and, specifically, theAi??6-Shot Slim ChargerAi??for the motorola CP200 UHF 16 channel radio. PeruseAi??our storeAi??to see our product line. Our website is regularly updated so you get the latest and most accurate information as well as product reviews and… read more