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The AAH50RDC9AA1AN 4 Channel Radio

Find the Motorola CP200 AAH50RDC9AA1AN at Two Way Direct!

  The AAH50RDC9AA1AN is Motorola’s CP200 UHF 4 channel radio and is the most popular small business radio on today’s market. It’s powerful audio output penetrates noisy environments and provides clear, crisp audio at any volume. This radio is lightweight with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to carry and operate, even while wearing gloves. This portable two-way… read more

Where Can I Get An AAH50RDC9AA1AN?

Find the Motorola AAH50RDC9AA1AN at Two Way Direct!

Where can I get the part number AAH50RDC9AA1AN? This radio is the Motorola CP200 16 Channel UHF unit. It is one of the best on the market. At Two Way Direct we  have a wide variety of radios both commercial and consumer style to keep you in communication with your people. Contact us today and see… read more