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The Best Two Way Radio On The Market

Searching for the most affordable and the most efficient two way radio on the market today?Ai??Radio DispatchAi??has introduced theAi??RD200U two way radio. TheAi??RD200U by Radio Dispatch is a 4-watt, 16-channel, UHF (400-470MHz) fully powered radio. TheAi??RD200U radio comes complete with a 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery, belt clip, rapid charger, stubby antenna,Ai??2-year warrantyAi??and free programming. This compact,… read more

The Best Two Way Radio On The Market – Vertex VX231

Vertex VX231

TheAi??Vertex VX231 two way radioAi??is arguably the best two way radio on the market today. The Vertex VX231 UHF two-way radios are the most affordable full powered professional handhelds on the market. With 5 full watts of power and backed with a 3 year factory warranty, this two way radio is built to last. These… read more

The New #1 Two Way Radio- VertexAi?? VX231

Two Way Radio- Vertex® VX231

TheAi??VertexAi?? VX231. This radio model has become #1 on the market today as a top two way radioAi??seller. Whether companies are looking to make their first purchase, or if they are just trying to replace old radios, they are searching for a great deal and along with a high quality product for their unique communication… read more