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How to Choose the Best UHF Radios for your Business

How to Choose the Best UHF Two-Way Radios for your Business

Before we explain how to choose the best UHF radios for your business, first lets understand what UHF two-way radios even are. There are 2 major types of frequency bands in the professional business radio communication world. You have UHF radios and VHF radios. Typically, when we are communicating between radios, there are objects in… read more

UHF Radios Make Great Alternative Communication Devices

Alternative modes of communication are out there, and UHF features continue to prove that these radios are the best way to go for businesses everywhere. Two Way Direct is the place to shop and Ai??gather information about the alternative communication device. Don’t rely on cellular connection on the job when we have low-price UHF radios… read more