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Why Go Digital With Your Two Way Radios?

Motorola DTR410 Two Way Radio Deal!

Digital two way radios are in sense a new type of breed of radio. The main difference is in the name, the radio is digital. This means that it isnt a VHF or UHF radio, instead it uses a 900MHz spectrum. The advantages of a Digital radio are as follows: More privacy may be obtained… read more

Difference Between Analog and Digital Radios

Digital vs analog

The analog two-way radio has been around for so long. With the emergence of the digital platform, a new era of radio technology has now arrived. From varying price points and the distinction in sound quality, both technologies have significant differences beyond just their signal types. And even though it offers numerous advantages, the digital… read more

Municipal Digital Radio Systems for Your Community

Communications Systems

Improve your communications efficiency within your community with¬†two way radio systems. The safety of your friends and neighbors matters to us. That is why we offer the best technology to keep you connected within your community. Two way radios are proven to be powerful and reliable devices that people use as an alternate communications device.… read more

Convert from Analog to Digital with Portable Two Way Radios

Convert from analog to digital with the best portable radios on the market! Our digital portable radios allow you to operate in both digital and analog allowing an easy transition from analog to digital. For those of you want to transition gradually, this may be a terrific option. Swap one radio at a time if… read more

IDAS Radios Systems

IDAS is a new form of technology designed by Icom. It stands for Icom Digital Advanced System. IDAS offers a complete system of handheld and mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, remote communicator and various accessories. IDAS is a complete digital solution that system owners and managers built to ultimately bridge the gap between analog… read more