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Unique Features to Add to your Icom F3011 Radio

Icom F3011 Radio

The Icom F3011Ai??Radio VHF is an intensely strong radio. It has a military rugged exterior and is completely weather resistant. This radio can withstand rain and perform to its maximum ability in the middle of a snow storm. It is an ideal radio for those who work outside and experience diverse weather conditions while using… read more

The Best Two Way Radio Icom F4011 Batteries

The Icom BP232H Lith-Ion Battery is available at Two Way Direct for a discounted price. This battery is designed to fit the Icom F4011 Series radios and more. You won’t find a more durable battery out there for your Icom radio. This Icom radio and its equivalent batteries can last you up to two years.… read more

Icom F4011 Batteries that your Radio Deserves

The Icom BP232H Battery is Lithium-Ion, 7.4V and 1950mAh (typical capacity), 1850mAh. The BP232H battery is also waterproof and is compatible witht he following durable Icom radios: Icom IC-F14 / IC-F24 Icom IC-F3011 / IC-F4011 Icom IC-F3021 / IC-F4021 Icom IC-F3031 / IC-F4031 Icom IC-F33GS / IC-F43GS Icom IC-F3161 / IC-F4161 Icom IC-F43TR These batteries… read more

Icom Radios at Two Way Direct

We have the best selection of Icom radios and accessories at Two Way Direct, and we are here to offer you the best deal for these products you will find online. Our standard analog Icom radios are the most popular among our customers. Business generally find these products to be durable and easy-to-use on the… read more