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Recycle Your Icom Batteries

Recycle Icom Batteries

Used batteries are classified as hazardous waste by the EPA, meaning that it is illegal to dump batteries into your local landfill or incinerator. Icom batteries must be disposed of or properly recycled, so look for your local recycling program or call u for disposal information. Remember that you can ship used two way radios… read more

Icom Batteries are the Ones You Want

Most people don’t plan ahead, especially when they imagine everything to flow smoothly. But that’s not how life works. It likes to throw bumps in here and there. It’s always a bonus to throw off the universe when it’s trying to throw a roadblock in your way! The good news is that we are here… read more

Icom Batteries, There Is Nothing Better

Two Way Direct sells the best batteries for your Icom radio. We offer a wide selection of NiCD, NiMH, and Lith-Ion batteries, all in which are compatible with the Icom VHF and UHF radios. Call us today and learn more about the long lasting batteries have to offer. We have a wide selection of Icom… read more

Low-Price On Icom Batteries

You have found them! The cheapest radio batteries are here. Only Two Way Direct offers the batteries you need for the price you want. With the lowest price around and fast shipping, how could you go wrong? Call and order your Icom radios and batteries with Two Way Direct today. We are open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday,… read more