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Icom Radios Keep You Connected

Icom F5011 Analog Base Station 8 Channels VHF [IC-F5011 51B]

Icom radios come with some of the best technology you can depend on in VHF and UHF band radios. But aside from the strength of signal, clarity, and dependability you have come to count on from Icom radios, you can also trust that what gets said on your radios stay where it belongs. Icom radios… read more

Attaching your Belt Clip to your Icom F24 UHF Radio

Icom Belt Clip for the Icom F24 two way radio

The Icom F24 UHF radio comes complete with a belt with a belt clip designed for easier accessibility of your handheld radio. The belt clip allows you to keep your radio on your belt or near your hop, so that it is easy to reach. This custom belt clip comes with the option to either… read more

When Clarity Matters, Buy Icom Radios

Icom Two-Way Radios

When clarity matters, get your Icom radios from Two Way Direct. We offer enhanced digital technology that provides exceptional voice transmutation and our quality channel controls filter out unnecessary background noise. Clear transmission quality is particularly helpful when you take advantage of our group talk features. You can’t go wrong with any of our digital… read more

Hear Your Icom Radios from Miles Away

The IC-F3001 VHF Ai??and IC-F4001 UHF radios are easy to hear in noisy areas. The built-in bridge-tied load amplifier offers powerful 800mW audio output from the large 45mm speaker. The radio delivers loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments. The Icom IC-F14 Series covers a wide frequency range with one version(136-174, 400-470, 450-512MHz). Wide… read more

Tough and Reliable Construction with Icom Radios

The Icom F24 radio is a highly durable radio. With a battery latch located on the bottom of each radio, your battery is sure to stay secure. This battery latch was designed to hold the radio in place, and minimize the risk of damage to your handheld radio. The IC-F14 series is built around an… read more

Icom Two Way Radio Scanning Features

Your IC-F14 radio comes completeAi??with scanning options that allow you to receive coverage from certain channels at all times. This feature can be programmed onto your option buttons located on the left side of your radio, and Two Way Direct will do it for free as well as apply frequencies to all of your channels.… read more