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You Canai??i??t Go Wrong with the Motorola 56557 Battery

The Motorola 56557 battery is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery chemistry, which means it is the strongest one you will find for selective Motorola radios. A Lithium-Ion battery will last you the whole day and charge up quickly at night. You wonai??i??t find a better deal on these Motorola batteries than you will at Two… read more

Your Motorola Radio Essentials

Your Motorola radio has a number of companions that work together to keep a strong connection with you and your colleagues on the job. The biggest one of these is you Motorola battery. It is important to see that without a battery, your two way radio would not be able to work. It is essential… read more

A Motorola Battery for Your Motorola Radio

All Motorola radios would not be able to function without their batteries. That is why when you order a Motorola radio such as the Motorola CLS1110, it is important to consider purchasing replacement batteries so that you will not have to worry about you radio going uncharged when you accidentally misplace or damage your battery.… read more

Motorola 56557 Battery for Your Radio Use

Decent-priced Motorola batteries are hard to come by these days. Considering Motorola is the leading manufacturer of all two-way radio products, but they are also the most expensive. At Two Way Direct, you can find these Motorola batteries and many more for the best discounted price online.   Shop and Save with us today!… read more

The Motorola 56557 Battery

The Motorola 56557 Battery is a Lithium-Ion battery designed to fit the following radios. Motorola VL50 Motorola CLS1110 Motorola CLS1410 Shop for this durable Motorola battery at Two Way Direct and receive the best price and fast shipping for this item and more that you find on our website.  … read more