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System Design of the Motorola CP200 Radio

When it comes to two way radios, a complete system design package meets all of your communication needs. From radio to wireless broadband, our design service includes an analysis of your existing communication system including peak hour optimization, range capacity and in-building coverage. After a comprehensive assessment of your needs, our specialists will design and… read more

Get Hands-Free Communication with Motorola

This listening device known as a surveillance earpiece transmits sound for hands-free communication. It is an excellent accessory for two way radio systems and is mostly used in security operations. If you are working in industries like transportation, aviation, security, mining, or any industry that requires intensive security, surveillance kit ear pieces are critical equipment… read more

Motorola Cp200 Battery Reviews

Our team of skilled technicians is trained to quickly evaluate any system for problems in programming, equipment, or positioning to reach peak performance from your system. If your system uses a Motorola CP200 battery, you may simply be due for replacement batteries. Speak with one of our representatives today about our two-way radio system optimization… read more

Motorola PR860 Radio and Compatible Batteries

The best two way radios are the ones that are proven to be durable and reliable. They are the ones you can count on to help you stay connected when you are on the job. These radios are available at Two Way Direct for a discounted price. The Motorola PR860 radio is built to impress… read more

Motorola EX500 batteries for Your Easy-To-Use Radio

The Motorola EX500 radio may sound too complicated to handle, but Two Way Direct can guarantee that this radio is both digital and easy to use. The radio is structured with a large push-to-talk button that is designed to provide no-slip, and a confident click, even when using gloves. The two other option buttons located… read more

Durable Motorola DTR650 Radio Batteries

Shopping for durable two way radio batteries for your DTR650 radio? Two Way Direct is a dealer of a number of high performance radios and batteries, including those for your Motorola radio. Our Motorola DTR650 batteries are equipped with the finest construction you need to guarantee sturdy communication in your line of business.… read more