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The Motorola CLS Series Hotel Radios

motorola cls1410 two way radio

Are you interested in purchasing two way radios to work with the staff at your hotel? As you may know, it is oftentimes difficult to find the right radio for your particular application without being sold on something that is not just exactly what you need. This is where Two Way Direct comes into play. We offer the… read more

CLS1110 and CLS1410 Radios for On The Job Communication

Motorola Radio Reviews are perfect for business. Why? Because we help you make the RIGHT decision. Motorola radios are the best, no doubt, but Two Way Direct will show you why — as well as help you pick the right radio to match all of your business needs. The 1 Watt Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410… read more

Increase Your Knowledge of Motorola CLS1110 Batteries

The 56557 is one of the Motorola CLS1110 batteries that Two Way Direct has to offer, and for a low price, you can get this battery specifically for your CLS radio. Don’t spend hours shopping online for reasonably priced batteries when you don’t know the statistics. Shop with Two Way Direct and get all the… read more

Enhance Communication with Motorola CLS1110 Batteries

The Motorola CLS 1110 radio offers the finest technology of two-way radios. It is built to help you get the job done and keep you connected while you are on the job. Whether you are in need for a radio for your hotel, school, construction site, or even warehouse, the CLS1110 has got you covered… read more

Motorola CLS1110 Radios and Batteries for Hotels

When it comes to hotels, the guest’s safety should be a top priority, and you can guarantee that safety for your guests with the Motorola CLS1110 radio. This radio is designed for fast and efficient communication. Two Way Direct assures that this Motorola product is a must for all hotels, as it not only produces… read more

Best Price on Motorola CLS1110 Batteries

If you are in the market to buy the Motorola CLS1110 radio, and want to get it for the best price, then you have come to the right place. The Motorola CLS1110 radio is available at Two Way Direct for the best price you will find online. This radio is designed to assist you with… read more