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The Motorola CP185 Batteries are Durable and Reliable

Motorola PMNN4080AR Battery

Let us satisfy your two way radio needs with theAi??PMNN4080AR Battery. Whether your need your radio in the rain, out in the field, or in a warehouse full of obstacles and potential hazards, Motorola batteries have you covered. When using a CP185 radio, consider getting the PMNN4080AR batteries for the most durable and reliable two… read more

Motorola CP185 Batteries and Accessories

Everyone wants to own a lightweight and durable radio for their business. The Motorola CP185 two way radio is the epitome of comfort, and strength combined in a two way radio. This two-way radio comes complete with 16 channels, two option buttons located under the PTT button, and easy-to-use channel knobs. It is easy to… read more

MotorolaCP185 Batteries are here to Help

Need assistance in choosing which Motorola radio batteries to buy for your CP185? We are here to help. All of us here at Two Way Direct have extensive knowledge on two way radios and batteries. You will find that we always put the customers needs first when you work with us. Check out the PMNN4081AR… read more

Motorola CP185 Batteries are a Customer Favorite

Two way radio batteries are central to the proper functioning of your radios. Many radio users are unaware that their radio batteries are close to expiring or loosing power. A lifeless battery can cause many radio failures and warning signs are a first clue to a potential problem. For many operations radios are used on… read more

The Motorola PMNN4080AR Battery for Your CP185 Radio

The Motorola PMNN4080AR Battery is for use with the CP185 radio. This is a Lithium-Ion battery, which is the strongest of all battery chemistries. You will find that this battery is not only incredibly durable, but reliable as well. This Two Way Direct guaranteed new original Motorola product will not be found for a better… read more

Where would you be without your Motorola ASTRO Saber Batteries?

All Motorola radios would not be able to function without their batteries. That is why when you order a Motorola radio such as the Motorola ASTRO Saber, it is important to consider purchasing replacement batteries so that you will not have to worry about you radio going uncharged when you accidentally misplace or damage your… read more