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Issues With Motorola CP200 Batteries

Motorola CP200 Batteries

Once your  Motorola CP200 batteries are connected to the radio, there will ba a small red light on the top of your radio located right underneath your channels knob. Once the light turns green, your radio will make a small beeping noise to indicate that it is turned on. If you place your battery on your radio… read more

Two Way Direct’s Lithium-Ion Motorola® CP200 Battery

Motorola® CP200 Battery - NNTN4497CR

Do you own a Motorola® CP200 two way radio? If so, do you own the accessories that go with it? You may be one of those people who own the radio but have been searching for a great deal on the accessories that work with it. You may also be debating which specific accessories you need.… read more

Most Affordable Motorola CP200 Battery

Most affordable Motorola CP200 Battery at Two Way Direct!

The Motorola CP200 is one of the most popular two-way radios on the market today. With two-way radios comes the need for two-way radio accessories. This is where the Motorola CP200 Battery comes into play. This battery is not only usable for the CP200 radio model, but also for Motorola radio models: CP150, CP200XLS, CP200D & the PR400.… read more

Get the Motorola CP200 Battery For a Great Price

Looking for a Motorola CP200 battery? Are you on a budget? If you are, visit us at Two Way Direct today! Our prices on this battery are the lowest. This high quality battery is a 7.2 2250mAh Lithium Ion Battery that will give you hours of use. COntact us today for all of your two… read more

Benefits of the Motorola CP200 Batteries

The Motorola CP200 radio comes complete with a number of features that put this two-way radio above the rest. Those features include emergency notification and communication, scanning options, vibration alerts, LED Lighting, and much more. These features allow you to have an even better two-way radio experience than you did before. Order this radio from… read more

Motorola CP200 Radios, Batteries and Accessories

Most all two way radio systems run smoothly upon initial installment. Much like automobiles, however, radio systems require checkups and evaluations to ensure peak performance. Your two way communication system is critical to your organization or agency. In order to maintain the highest efficiency for your two way system or wireless broadband, ask us about… read more