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The Radio Charger For The Motorola CP200 UHF 16 Channel Radio

Communications Systems

When you need a radio charger for your Motorola CP200 UHF 16 channel radio, look no further. We carry just the right two way radio chargers for the  motorola CP200 UHF 16 channel radio. This 6-shot slim charger is a universal multi unit 6 bank gang rapid charger for all popular radios. Not only can it be used with the Motorola CP200, but… read more

Issues With Motorola CP200 Batteries

Motorola CP200 Batteries

Once your  Motorola CP200 batteries are connected to the radio, there will ba a small red light on the top of your radio located right underneath your channels knob. Once the light turns green, your radio will make a small beeping noise to indicate that it is turned on. If you place your battery on your radio… read more

Discontinued Motorola CP200 Radio

Motorola CP200 Discontinued Two-Way Radio

If you haven’t heard already, the Motorola CP200 two-way radio is DISCONTINUED. Whether you own a CP200 or were interested in purchasing one for your application, you will now have to search for alternatives that will work with your system. Have no fear though, because Two Way Direct is here! Although this radio will no longer be on… read more

Motorola CP200 Radio (4 Channel VHF) AAH50KDC9AA1AN

The Motorola CP200 is being DISCONTINUED! Find your alternative at Two Way Direct!

Looking for a VHF two-way radio? Don’t need to communicate through obstructions such as walls and other buildings? If you do have this line-of-site communication, then the 4 Channel VHF Motorola CP200 Radio will be perfect for your application! The Motorola CP200 VHF is a great communications tool for many different types of businesses including educational, industrial,… read more

Replace Your CP200 Radio With the RD6550U!

The Radio Dispatch RD6550U radio is the new "It" product on the market!

Try out the RD6550U two way radio from Two Way Direct! This product has received great feedback over the Motorola CP200 according to our customer reviews! Call in at 888-742-5893 and talk to a sales representative about switching from the CP200 to the new Radio Dispatch RD6550U or the RD200U!… read more