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Most Affordable Mag One BPR40 Batteries!


Trying to find the most affordable Mag One BPR40 batteries? Well you can stop here Two Way Direct has what you need. TheAi??Motorola PMNN4071AR MagOne BPR40 battery isAi??our replacementAi??to the standard battery that comes with the Motorola BPR40. Two Way Directs battery for the Mag One BPR40 radio also comes with one year manufacturer warranty.… read more

No more waiting around with the BPR40 Mag One Rapid Charger!

Vertex Battery Chargers

      Are you sick of waiting overnight for your BPR40 Mag One batteries to charge? Wait no longer! Two Way direct has come to your rescue! We offer a single unit rapid charger that charges your BPR40 Mag One radio in 90 minutes! (Only compatible with NiMH, not Lithium Ion batteries) It is… read more

Mag One by Motorola BPR40 Radio and RF Energy Exposure

Motorola BPR40

The Motorola BPR40 uses electromagnetic energy in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum to provide communications between two or more users over a distance. It uses radio frequency energy or radio waves to send and receive calls. RF energy is one form of electromagnetic energy. Other forms include, but are not limited to, sunlight and x-rays.… read more

Discounted Motorola Mag One BPR40 Battery

Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai??Ai??The Motorola Mag One BPR40 batteryAi??is a replacement to the standard two-way radio battery that is included with the purchase of theAi??MotorolaAi??BPR40 radio.Ai??This battery contains 1600mAh and is a great option and is offered at the lowest prices on twowaydirect.com. When using this battery, along with many others, it is recommended to… read more

Canai??i??t Get Enough of the BPR40

Ai??Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and other industries canai??i??t get enough of the BPR40 and itai??i??s reliable accessories. This radio claims to be the best option for a variety of institutions across the U.S. and Two Way Direct is the supplier they rely on for their forms of communication in the workplace. We have the best prices… read more