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PMNN4065A Batteries Compatible Motorola Radios

The PMNN4065A is 1500mAh Li-ion submersible battery that provides a lightweight, slim battery with exceptional battery life for MOTOTRBO users. It is compatible with the following radios. Motorola Mototrbo XPR6300 Motorola Mototrbo XPR6350 Motorola Mototrbo XPR6380 Motorola Mototrbo XPR6500 Motorola Mototrbo XPR6550 Motorola Mototrbo XPR6580 Order your Motorola Batteries from Two Way Direct and receive… read more

Motorola PMNN4065A IMPRES Li-Ion 1500mAh Battery

The PMNN4065A Battery is a smart IMPRES Motorola product. The battery contains an area where it can store data, and is able to communicate that data to the IMPRES charger so that the charger can revive the battery’s life according to it’s charging history. This communication protocol isAi??designed to maximise talk-time and optimise battery cycle… read more

Motorola PMNN4065A Battery

The buy atarax online canada. #Buy Atarax canada. where to buy atarax. Motorola PMNN4065A Battery is for use with the Motorola Mototrbo XPR630,Ai??Motorola Mototrbo XPR6350,Ai??Motorola Mototrbo XPR638,Ai??Motorola Mototrbo XPR6500,Ai??Motorola Mototrbo XPR6550, and theAi??Motorola Mototrbo XPR6580 radios. These radios all exhibit an advanced technology system of Motorola products. This Motorola battery is designed to enhance the… read more