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Motorola Radios are the Right Choice

Motorola two way radios are the best option for you. These are built for durability, and are long lasting, so you do not have to spend an excessive amount on business radios every year. These radios also have a 2-year warranty, so if you are unhappy with your purchase or something goes wrong with your… read more

Durable and Long Lasting Motorola CP200 Batteries

The Motorola CP200 is a highly durable radio. With a battery latch Ai??located on the bottom of each radio, your battery is sure to stay secure. This battery latch was designed to hold the radio in place, and minimize the risk of damage to your handheld radio. To remove your battery, simply hold the radio… read more

Exclusive Prices at Two Way Direct

Exclusively at Two Way Direct, you will find all of the Motorola radios and accessories you have been looking for for the best price. Motorola radios are the most popular radios out there. They have been around for more than 50 years and still hold up to their population of strong and durable radios. Call… read more

Motorola Radio Money Saver

All Motorola radios are capable of fitting into 6-Bank chargers. These Universal unit 6 Bank Gang Rapid Chargers save you time and money. With this charger, you are able to charge all of your radios at once, keeping everyone on the same battery life during the day. It is essential to have if you purchase… read more