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IMPRES Batteries for Your Motorola Radio

IMPRES Batteries - PMNN4077C

Many people are left wondering what IMPRES batteries are and what they stand for, before they want to make a purchase of our Two Way Radios. IMPRES batteries are part of Motorola’s advanced battery system. These batteries feature automated battery maintenance that extends the life of your battery.Ai??Ai??IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help… read more

Low-Priced Motorola RLN6308B Battery

Motorola RLN6308B Battery

For the lowest-price online, Shop Two Way Direct for your Motorola batteries and accessories. We have plenty in stock and ready to ship at your convenience. The Motorola RLN6308B Battery is a top selling replacement battery for the RDX series radio. Request a free quote today for these batteries and more essentials to go along… read more

Mag One by Motorola BPR40 Radio and RF Energy Exposure

Motorola BPR40

The Motorola BPR40 uses electromagnetic energy in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum to provide communications between two or more users over a distance. It uses radio frequency energy or radio waves to send and receive calls. RF energy is one form of electromagnetic energy. Other forms include, but are not limited to, sunlight and x-rays.… read more

Motorola BPR40 Battery Problems Keeping You Down?

Motorola BPR40 Battery - PMNN4071AR

Do you have a problem with your existing Motorola BPR40 battery? If you do, then visit Two Way Direct today. We have all the accessories including replacement batteries for your radio. We will bring your battery life back to the living with new and clean replacement parts. We are here to help you make your… read more

Motorola RMN5047 NFL Style Heavy Duty Headset

Motorola RMN5047 NFL Style Heavy Duty Headset

In rain or shine, the game will go on. And since the game is still in play in the middle of a thunderstorm, you still need to stay connected, and you need waterproof headsets that will help you be. At Two Way Direct, we offer the finest waterproof radio technology, designed to integrate your team’s… read more