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IMPRES Batteries for Your Motorola Radio

IMPRES Batteries - PMNN4077C

Many people are left wondering what IMPRES batteries are and what they stand for, before they want to make a purchase of our Two Way Radios. IMPRES batteries are part of Motorola’s advanced battery system. These batteries feature automated battery maintenance that extends the life of your battery.A�A�IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help… read more

Motorola Mototrbo XPR6550 IMPRES Batteries

XPR6550 IMPRES Battery - PMNN4077C

TheMotorola Motorbo XPR6550 IMPRES Batteries are for use with our high-end radios. Smart technology comes at a cost, but not with Two Way Direct. We have these radios available for you for the lowest price you will find online. These batteries are compatible with the following radios. For use with: Motorola Mototrbo XPR6300 Motorola Mototrbo… read more

Motorola XPR6550 Replacement Batteries

At Two Way Direct, when you order the XPR6550 Radio you will also receive a Lithium-Ion high-tech battery. If you happen to misplace or damage your existing radio battery, we have got you covered. Two Way Direct offers a large quantity of Motorola XPR6550 Replacement batteries for the lowest price online! Call us today at… read more

Motorola XPR6550 Radio Batteries

The Motorola XPR6550 combines two way radio with digital technology with it’s advanced compact structure and elite special radio features. A radio like that needs high-tech batteries to operate to it’s maximum potential. Two Way Direct offers Motorola XPR6550 IMPRES Batteries available for you at a low-cost. These batteries are some of the most advanced… read more