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The Newest Batch of Two-Way Radios from Two Way Direct!

XTR200 two-way radios

Introducing the newest batch of two-way radios from Two Way Direct – the XTR200 and the XTR550!Ai??These high-performance radios are the latest to be added to our fleet of great communication devices. They are our own brand of two-way radios with extreme audio output, high durability, and crystal clear sound. Ai??Looking for great radios for… read more

Some New Two Way Radios To Look Out For

Vertex VX264 Two Way Radio

The various amounts of two way radio products that saturate the two way radio industry can be extremely daunting to look into when searching for the “right radio” or the “right accessory” for your particular application. Not only are there many part numbers, but they are continually phasing in and out, making it easy to… read more