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Vertex EVX530 Series Programming

Vertex EVX530 Series Two Way Radio Programming

Do you own Vertex EVX530 Series two way radios? Are you interested in getting them programmed, but don’t want to spend the time or the money sending them into a dealer? Two Way Direct has your solution here! We have provided a DIY programming video for your Vertex EVX530 series two way radios. If you are unable to… read more

DIY Two-Way Radio Programming For Vertex EVX-530 Series

DIY Vertex EVX-530 Series Programming

 Learn how to program your very own Vertex EVX-530 Series two-way radios! These radios are vital sources of information for many companies and individuals who utilize them. The EVX-530 Series is a very rugged, waterproof two-way radio for more industrial or construction purposes. You can afford to enhance your communications with the digital performance of eVergeTM two-way radios.… read more