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Flat Rate Two Way Radio Repairs

Radio Repairs

  Repairing your two way radios can be a daunting task. Most communications dealers not only do not offer these services, but they couldn’t even if they wanted to. A service department along with cost of  purchasing the repair equipment and a tech is enough to put a smaller company in the hole. Some businesses… read more

Can I Repair My Two Way Radio?


Two Way Radios are amazing but an investment. Even when your most affordable Two Way Radio goes bad its bad news for whoever has to purchase a new one. You ready for some good news now? Two Way Direct REPAIRS your broken radios in house!! Instead of buying a brand new radio you can send… read more

No more waiting around with the BPR40 Mag One Rapid Charger!

Vertex Battery Chargers

      Are you sick of waiting overnight for your BPR40 Mag One batteries to charge? Wait no longer! Two Way direct has come to your rescue! We offer a single unit rapid charger that charges your BPR40 Mag One radio in 90 minutes! (Only compatible with NiMH, not Lithium Ion batteries) It is… read more

Need A Two Way Radio Repair?

Two-Way Radio Repair

Searching for a two way radio repair company? Looking for an affordable way to fix your radios or radio products? Two Way Direct is here to help! Offering repairs for all brands including, Kenwood®, Icom®, Vertex®, Motorola® & Radio Dispatch®, Two Way Direct has a very knowledgable team as well as the proper equipment to perform… read more

Radio Repairs- Two Way Direct

Two Way Direct is now doing Radio Repairs! If your radio or radios are broken, not working properly, or if you simply have a question, call in at 888-742-5893 and talk to our service department who is likely to offer a feasible solution. If you have already sent in your two way radios for repair, Two Way… read more

2 Way Radio Repair Company

Two Way Direct offers the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED on all two way radios and accessories including the Vertex VX231

Need a 2 way radio  repair? Is your radio not transmitting, or do you just really have no idea what is happening with your product? Fear not, Two Way Direct is here to help! Whether you have a Motorola®, Icom®, Kenwood® Vertex® or Radio Dispatch® two-way radio, we have the equipment and the know-how to quickly fix… read more