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What happens when your cell phones wont work?

No one wants to be this guy

  Almost everyone today relies on their cell phones to communicate between family, friends or work. One day without a persons cell phone and they become distracted and frantic waiting till the end of the day to get their phone, wherever they left it. What happens if you don’t just forget your phone for a… read more

Communication Capabilities You Can’t Be Without


Every day more and more businesses realize the importance of reliable communication in the workplace. Some choose to take the easy way out and have employees use their personal cell phones to get in touch with each other, others use a secured network that is rarely going to fail. Its up to your business to… read more

Are cell phones the most reliable communication?


Whether your job is at low or high risk of danger, when an emergency occurs you want to be sure your employees and possible guests/customers are as safe as possible. The dangers of not having reliable communication heavily outweigh the reasoning to save a few bucks. You might be thinking, everyone has a cellphone nowadays,… read more