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Try out the CLS1410 Surveillance Earpiece!

Heavy Duty 2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece [Motorola BPR40 CP185 CP200 CP200d PR400]

Try out the CLS1410 Surveillance Earpiece fromAi??Two Way Direct! This RLN5318A TWDAi??accessory is a great option for an accessory to work with your Motorola CLS1410 two way radio. This product is not only discreet, but it also provides the most efficient communications possible. With a clear coil acoustic tube behind the ear, the small earbud… read more

Affordable MotorolaAi?? CLS1410 Surveillance Earpiece

Motorola® CLS1410 Surveillance Earpiece - RLN5318A

Do you own aAi??MotorolaAi?? CLS1410 two way radio? If so, you are probably in need of the CLS1410 two way radio accessories. If you search online, you will probably be able to find a few okay “deals,” but pretty much static pricing. Two way radios are not inexpensive products, so a great deal can save… read more

Lowest Price Guaranteed On The MotorolaAi?? CP185 Surveillance Earpiece

Motorola® CP185 Surveillance Earpiece - RLN5318A

Searching for a great deal on theAi??MotorolaAi?? CP185 Surveillance Earpiece? If you’re surfing the web, you may run into pretty static pricing and “deals” that just are not what they appear to be. Why save $2 when you can save $20? This is the mentality that Two Way Direct upholds with it’s pricing strategy. We… read more

5-Star Rated MotorolaAi?? CP200 Surveillance Earpiece

Motorola® CP200 Surveillance Earpiece - RLN5318A

Do you own aAi??MotorolaAi?? CP200 radio? Are you wanting to maintain a hands-free communication system with those whom you are interacting with? If so, it would be a great idea to look into purchasing a 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece. TheAi??MotorolaAi?? CP200 Surveillance EarpieceAi??is an excellent option as far as two way radio accessories go. The… read more