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School Security Measures Are Reducing The Amount Of Campus Incidents!

School Security

Is my school or campus “really” safe? This is a frequent question, which people ask themselves as well as to the institutions in which they attend. From an outsider’s perspective, it almost seems as though the constant media attention on school/campus shootings has actually encouraged others to utilize this type of crime as their method… read more

What’s “The Plan,” Obama?

School Safety Plan

According to the U.S. Department of Education, “Violence and trauma in schools and communities can affect students’ overall health and well-being as well as their educational outcomes.” I think this is something we can pretty much all grasp, as children are much more vulnerable than the rest of us. When students in general, regardless of… read more

Are Metal Detectors For School Security Just A “Band-Aid Approach” To Fix Issues??

School Security

In an article written by Brian SteeleAi??at kamagra jelly. #Kamagra USA. buy kamagra online next day delivery. www.masslive.com,Ai??the topic of “metal detectors in schools” was examined. It has become apparent thatAi??somethingAi?? diflucan pharmacy. #Diflucan Canada Online. fluconazole 150 mg price. needs to be done in order to maintain the safety of students and faculty while… read more

Keep Your Students Safe With The Highest Rated School Radios

School Radios

No two schools are exactly alike. At Two Way Direct, we understand that school radios have unique and challenging characteristics that set it apart from every other educational facility, both for the students and for the faculty. From classrooms and courtyards to intricate maintenance schedules that can be difficult to maintain, developing a seamless communications… read more

Vertex Standard Radios For School Security

Vertex Radios for School Security

Looking to upgrade your school’s security system? What better way to do that then with Two Way Radios? The Vertex Standard radios are easy to use and keep you covered. Not only are these Vertex radios durable and reliable, but they are also priced lower than any otherAi??Motorola models that you will find out there.Ai??VertexAi??offers… read more

Improve K-12 School Security with Two Way Radios

Vertex VX-231 Radio for School Security

Now more than ever, we should be looking into our school security systems and ask ourselves, “are we doing enough?” The best way to answer an assured “yes” to your own question is an investment in two way security radios for your school. Radio systems allow you to stay connected at all times as well… read more