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Benefits Of A Trunking System

Trunking System

What are the benefits of utilizing a trunking system? You may ask. This large communication device allows many people to have guaranteed communication regardless of what “group” or “subgroup.” First of all, when you are communicating on this system, the use of the channel resources is extremely efficient due to the fact that there is… read more

What Is A Trunking System?

Trunked Radio System

What is a trunking system? This term actually originated from the telephone industry. The way it works is when people share the same system without overhearing or interrupting each other’s transmissions. Trunked systems rely on the probability that for every certain amount of users, not all will require access to the same resources at the… read more

IDAS Trunking Features – MULTI-Site

IDAS Trunking

IDAS trunking provides an affordable multi-channel digital radio system. Icom offers the new and advanced way of communication across all barriers. Ai??Features of IDAS Multi-Site Trunking include; Distributed control channel The IDAS trunking uses a distributed logic system which does not use a dedicated control channel. All trunked channels can be used for voice traffic… read more