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Evolve to Better Communication with Vertex EVX-530 Series

evx-530 series

What you use today may be good enough, but in this increasingly competitive world, good enough is no longer good enough. No matter what challenges you face at work, better communication can help give you the advantage you need. Evolve to better communication with Vertex EVX-530 Series two way radios. These radios are compact and… read more

Budget-Friendly Vertex VX-261 Radio

Vertex Standard 60 years

The Vertex family of radios offers you a quality and value like no other. These popular, full-featured radios are compact, reliable, and are built to last with an array of features for the maximum value. 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of Vertex and the vision and passion continues today with innovative solutions for tomorrow.  … read more

How Can I Enhance My Company’s Customer Service?


Think about what makes customers come back…. You thinking what im thinking? Thata��s right, customer service! A�Customer service is the deciding factor for a customer to decide if they want to come back or even purchase in the first place. I know that personally if I go anywhere and I dona��t feel comfortable I will… read more

Why Choose Two Way Direct?

Two Way Direct

Two words… Why Not? Other than being super cool there are countless reasons why you should choose Two Way Direct! There are things that make us awesome: Invaluable information resource Credible solutions provider, we are experts! Offer a huge selection of two-way radio products Cutting-edge radio communication Constantly updating our site Up to date accurate… read more

Reduce Stress On Your Event Day With Two Way Radios


Big or small the day of any event can be chaotic, it requires high levels of organization and coordination. Reduce stress on your event day with two way radios! TheyA�can only make your day run easier, so you can focus on the more important things. If you are using your cell phones for your events… read more