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Low Battery Indication of Your Vertex Radio

As the battery discharges during use, the voltage gradually becomes lower. When the battery voltage becomes too low, substitute a freshly charged battery and recharge the depleted pack. When the battery voltage is low, the LED indicator on the top of the radio, located in between the antenna and the channel knob will blink red.… read more

Cheap Purchases with twowaydirect.com

Two Way Direct offers a wide range of two way radio batteries and accessories. Two Way Direct is a leader among top performance communication and its involved in up to date technology. They have the solution for all your communication wants and needs. They’re two way radio batteries are necessary function to your operation. If… read more

Motorola CP150 batteries In Stock at Two Way Direct

Motorola CP150 batteries are available at Two Way Direct. We have these batteries along with others here for the lowest price you will find online. You cana��t go wrong with Two Way Direct when they have a large assortment of two-way radios and compatible batteries. You wona��t want to shop anywhere else when you see… read more

Don’t forget about your Two Way Radio Batteries

Two way radios are equipped with the technology that enables you to produce the best portable communication onsite. These devices allow you and your workers to become more efficient in the work place. The best two way radios are available at Two Way Direct. And don’t forget about your radios batteries. Two way radios would… read more

Waterproof Two Way Radios and Batteries

If you are looking for the best waterproof two way radio on the market, look no more. We’ve got everything you’ll need to completely outfit you. Our durable radios come guaranteed to be compatible with any radio you might currently own. And to beef up your package, we have surveillance kit earpieces, multi-unit chargers, speaker… read more

Motorola’s Most Efficient Battery: The NNTN4497CR

Every second counts when emergency response is the nature of your business and you depend on crystal clear communication from your two-way radios. Transference of the information you need cannot be compromised. Your two-way radio batteries are essential to your operation. Although there are many hazards that can kill a battery, many of those hazards… read more