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What Is The Most Basic Two Way Radio System?

Basic Two Way Radio Systems

The most basic two way radio systems are simply those, which utilize one or more handhelds, and possibly an extender to provide more coverage. The need for an extension is based solely on the distance your handhelds are required to cover, so only those communicating in a larger area will actually need this extra assistance.… read more

Municipal Digital Radio Systems for Your Community

Communications Systems

Improve your communications efficiency within your community withAi??two way radio systems. The safety of your friends and neighbors matters to us. That is why we offer the best technology to keep you connected within your community. Two way radios are proven to be powerful and reliable devices that people use as an alternate communications device.… read more

Improve K-12 School Security with Two Way Radios

Vertex VX-231 Radio for School Security

Now more than ever, we should be looking into our school security systems and ask ourselves, “are we doing enough?” The best way to answer an assured “yes” to your own question is an investment in two way security radios for your school. Radio systems allow you to stay connected at all times as well… read more

Customer Education: Definition of Frequency

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. It is also referred to as temporal frequency. The period is the duration of one cycle in a repeating event, so the period is the reciprocal of the frequency. When deciding between the two sets of frequencies available with two way radios… read more

The Best Hospital Radio

Hospital Radio - Vertex VX231

When someone’s life is in your hands, you can’t afford to have anything less than the best technology on your side. Two Way Radios keep you connected at all times. Improve your communications efficiency by implementing radio systems within your hospital. By relying on two way radios your hospital will see improvements in safety, security,… read more

Maintaining Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios available for the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED at Two Way Direct.

If your organization or agency depends on a two-way communications system, then you know how critical it is for yourAi??two way radiosAi??to operate at peak performance. Most allAi??two-way radio systemsAi??run smoothly upon initial installment. Much like automobiles, however, these systems require evaluations to ensure optimal operation. In order to maintain the highest efficiency for your… read more