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Extending Two-Way Radio Coverage With Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability

Extending two-way radio coverage with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE interoperability has never been easier and can dramatically enhance your handheld radio coverage. Today, Land Mobile Radios provides First Responders with a highly reliable method for primary voice based communications. Helping to keep First Responders connected, these radios can either connect a single network or… read more

Kenwood PKT-23K


Communication is a vital part of life, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. An effective resource for verbal communication in the workplace is portable, handheld, two-way radios. If the power goes out, a natural disaster strikes, or communication is needed in any other emergency situation, cellular phones may be inoperable during a time when contacting others… read more

Two Way Radios Aid In Diabetes Research

Avalanche Beacon

Despite popular belief, two way radios have withstood the test of time and are still being utilized in pretty much every industry today. Whether it’s a retail store that just needs an inexpensive one-channel radio, or it’s a massive corporation with several departments needing 16 channels and privacy line codes, these products are still very… read more

Emergency Channel Functions on Your Vertex Standard

Vertex Radio

The Vertex Standard radio includes an “emergency channel” feature, which may be useful if you have someone monitoring on the same frequency as your transceivers channel. This feature can be programmed to one of your option buttons, or set to a certain frequency on your channels knob. This feature is great for any hotels looking… read more

Two Way Radio Distance Misconceptions

Bass Pro Shop Two Way Radio

Ever bought a two way radio with “50 miles of coverage” labeled on the front, but the coverage you actually got was far from it? Two Way Direct is here to resolve two way radio distance misconceptions as well as to provide you with any solutions you may need. One example of this is when… read more

What Does MURS Mean?

Motorola RMM2050 MURS 2-Watt 5-Channel Radio

What does MURSAi??mean? Multi-Use Radio ServiceAi??is a set of frequencies designated by the FCC for unlicensed two-way radio communication in the United States. MURS is VHF and contains a frequency range of 151-154MHz. This means these MURS radios can be used for both personal and business applications. For temporary job sites not wanting to apply… read more