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G-Hook Earpiece for your Two-Way Radio

G-Hook earpiece image

Looking for an earpiece for your two-way radio but not sure what kind to get? Do you want the earmuff style or the small, over-the-ear kind? The G-hook earpiece design is an over-the-ear style that is very useful and comfortable to wear. Ai??Having only a single cord, it has a push-to-talk button with loud and… read more

Vertex VH-130 2-Wire Surveillance Earpieces

VH-130 earpiece

  Two-way radios are great devices to communicate with, but sometimes discretion is needed when youai??i??re using them around others. Hotels, restaurants, department stores, and security guards are great examples of places or people who may want to carry out private conversations. 2-wire surveillance kits are the answer. Vertex radios are great radios and are… read more

Lowest Price Guaranteed On The Vertex Surveillance Earpiece!

Vertex Surveillance Earpiece

Lowest Price Guaranteed On The Vertex Surveillance Earpiece! The VertexAi?? 2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece is the new replacement for the original 2-Wire Surveillance Kit. This latest version features a clear Audio Tube and a FREE memory foam comfort ear tip. Other features include a PTT button with a built-in microphone and clothing clip as well as… read more

Vertex 2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece for Security Teams

Motorola Surveillance Earpiece

The Vertex 2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece is a great product that comes with aAi??PTT button with built-in microphone and clothing clip.The VH-130Ai??isAi??Two Way Direct’s replacementAi??for the Vertex Original 2-Wire Surveillance Kit. Our Replacement FeaturesAi??2-wire surveillance kit earpiece unit with clear Audio Tube and a FREE memory foam comfort ear tip. This earpiece is not only… read more

Vertex Accessories: Earpieces

The Vertex VX-230 2-Wire Surveillance Kit EarpieceAi??is in stock and ready to be shipped. This is a great device to go along with the Vertex radio. This 2-wire surveillance kit is easily accessible. It provides the opportunity to be discrete about your radio conversation and also it is highly versatile, so that you may wear… read more

VX-231 2-Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece for School Security

  The Vertex VX-231 radio is simple to use and easy to carry around, which makes it the perfect candidate for a school security radio. Here at Two Way Direct we are always encouraging school safety, and by enhancing your schools communication system, you can strengthen your schools security. The Vertex radios are designed for… read more