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Vertex Accessories to Go With Your Radios

Vertex Accessories

  Are you looking for Vertex Accessories to go with your radios? If so, you have found the best place to meet your needs. At Two Way Direct we have the widest selection of great two way radio accessories at the best prices online. We offer all accessories to work with yourAi??VertexAi??two way radios including:… read more

Communicate while Under Pressure with VX-231 Radios

When the lives of civilians lie in your hands, it is crucial that you have two way radios for firefighters. These devices allow you to keep connected with the other members of your team in a safe and efficient way. The Vertex VX-231 radios are designed for easy operation, so when you are wearing gloves;… read more

Product Description: Vertex Standard VX-231 Remote Speaker Microphone

The Vertex Standard VX-231 Remote Speaker Microphone can help you with your business communication in a number of ways. This product is equipped with multiple features that help you enhance your two way radio system. The VX-231 speaker microphone Ai??is also refered to as the VX-230 remote speaker microphone. Professional Series Rubber Overmold PTT (Push-to-talk)… read more

The Perfect VX-231 Speaker Microphone for Business

The Vertex Standard VX-231 radio is one that every business should use to amplify their two way communication within the work space. It is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery and 5 full watts of power to produce maximum coverage around your area. You can reach up to 5 miles of ground with the VX-231 and… read more

Lowest Price And Fast Shipping On Vertex Accessories

Only Two Way Direct offers the lowest price and fast shipping on ALL Vertex accessories. Choose from a wide range of options of earpieces, headsets,speaker mics, cases, antennas, and more to complete your two way radio experience. Not really sure what you need? Call us at 800-991-3285 and one of our Sales Reps would be… read more