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Get Your Vertex Two Way Radios to Work Properly

Vertex Two Way Radio

It can sometimes be confusing to know if your Vertex radio is working properly or not. In order to determine this you need to make sure that your Vertex battery is connected to your radio the right way. To connect your battery to your radio, take the radio and the battery in both hands. Be… read more

Save Money on Your VX-230 Series Batteries with TWD

Don’t try and match your Vertex radios up with a cheap quality battery you bought to save money. Vertex radios need to have vertex batteries in able to work. We have the best quality Vertex Batteries to match your radios at a great price. Save money when you shop with Two Way Direct for your… read more

Shop Two Way Direct for Your VX-231 Batteries

Two Way Direct offers the best price you will find on all Vertex batteries and accessories. We have a wide selection of Vertex radios to choose from, including the VX-231, which most of our customers will testify to being the best for their business. The Vertex name is known for its substantial display of two-way… read more

Low-Price and Long Lasting Vertex VX-230 Series Batteries

Vertex VX-230 Series Batteries come at a low-price with Two Way Direct. Shop with us and receive the best price and service. We are committed to helping you find the most cost efficient radio for you. All of our batteries can last for an extensive period of time, and are easy to charge back up… read more