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Emergency Channel Functions on Your Vertex Standard

Vertex Radio

The Vertex Standard radio includes an “emergency channel” feature, which may be useful if you have someone monitoring on the same frequency as your transceivers channel. This feature can be programmed to one of your option buttons, or set to a certain frequency on your channels knob. This feature is great for any hotels looking… read more

Best Two Way Radios On The Market (And Most Affordable)!

Best Two Way Radios - Vertex VX260

  As you may know, many two way radio products enter the market over time. Companies claiming to have the next best two way radiosAi??on the market, but the features do not even remotely match that of some other competitors. Two Way DirectAi??has analyzed every radio on the market, and has finally found the “next-best-thing,”… read more

Most Affordable Vertex Battery Chargers

Vertex Battery Chargers

Do you have Vertex two way radios? If so, then you should shop Two Way DirectAi??and check out our Vertex battery chargers along with all of our otherAi??Vertex accessories. We have the largest selection for your two way radios and at the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED! You willAi??literallyAi??not find a better deal anywhere else. Price-matching? We… read more

Vertex Radios Are The Future!

Vertex Radios

We all know communication is the key to saving hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in your day to day business needs. If you visit twowaydirect.com you will learn all about the best Vertex Radios and will see the best prices available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad3SjLj2r4k The durable Vertex VX-230 series of business radios is the essential… read more

Get Your Vertex Two Way Radios to Work Properly

Vertex Two Way Radio

It can sometimes be confusing to know if your Vertex radio is working properly or not. In order to determine this you need to make sure that your Vertex battery is connected to your radio the right way. To connect your battery to your radio, take the radio and the battery in both hands. Be… read more

Low Price and Fast Shipping for Vertex Radios

Vertex Radios

Two Way Direct offers the lowest price and fast shipping for all Vertex radios and accessories. We always have plenty in stock, so we are able to ship them out to you the moment you order them. You can use these radios in many different scenarios for business use. You won’t find a better deal… read more