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Vertex Radios Are The Future!

Vertex Radios

We all know communication is the key to saving hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in your day to day business needs. If you visit twowaydirect.com you will learn all about the best Vertex Radios and will see the best prices available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad3SjLj2r4k The durable Vertex VX-230 series of business radios is the essential… read more

Vertex VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Police Departments

Two Way radios for police are the better option when it comes to connection while you are on the job Two Way Radio systems enhance safety and improve interagency communications for police departments, and offer multiple features that can help you keep your team and your community secure. When considering police radios, we recommend the… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Firefighters

When the lives of citizens lie in your hands, it is critical that you have two way radios for firefighters. These devices allow you to keep connected with the other members of your team in a safe and efficient way. The Vertex VX-231 radios are designed for easy operation, so when you are wearing gloves;… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Construction

Two way radios for construction are the safe and more affective approach for connection on the job. We understand that your team has different needs for different worksites, and that is why we recommend this safe and affective way to connect with others anywhere. These devices allow workers to create rapid communication to enhance the… read more

Upgrade to VX-231 Radios for Your Business

Business Communication is crucial for safety, control, and efficiency within your operations.Two Way Direct understands that two way radios for business need to not only get the job done, but at an affordable price. That’s why we recommend the full powered professional series Vertex VX-231 radios. The VX-231 comes with 5 full watts of power… read more

Price Match on your Vertex VX-231 Remote Speaker Microphone

At Two Way Direct we will ship out anything we have in stock the same day you order it. We have a large quantity of the Vertex Standard VX-231 Remote Speaker Microphone(Valor) in stock and ready to ship out to you. If you are a user of the VX-231 radio, then consider this remote speaker… read more