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Vertex Radios Are The Future!

Vertex Radios

We all know communication is the key to saving hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in your day to day business needs. If you visit twowaydirect.com you will learn all about the best Vertex Radios and will see the best prices available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad3SjLj2r4k The durable Vertex VX-230 series of business radios is the essential… read more

Vertex Standard VX-231 Radio Review

Two Way Direct offers the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED on all two way radios and accessories including the Vertex VX231

The Vertex Standard VX-231 Radio is available in UHF or VHF and has a 16 channel capacity with two programmable keys on the side and 4 watts of transmitting power. The list of programmable options is explained more below. The VX-231 comes with an 1150 mAh battery [FNB-V103Li] which provides 9 hours of operation with… read more

Vertex Standard EVX-R70 Radio Repeater

All Vertex Standard VX radios use time-division multiple-access 6.25kHz efficient digital technology that doubles the capacity for the price of one frequency license. The radios support twice as many talk groups or calls without adding more licensing costs. The repeater comes with an LED status indicator that enables easy monitoring of the device. Status indicators… read more

Communicate From Long Distances with VX-231 Radios

Vertex radios are designed with the option to program a talk around feature into your handheld radio. This feature allows you to bypass the repeater station and talk directly to a station that is nearby. This feature has no effect when you are operating on “Simplex” channels, where the receive and transmit frequencies are already… read more

Never Lose Your Vertex VX-231 Radio

Your Vertex VX-230 radio keeps you from making accidental calls with the lone worker function installed into your Vertex radio. When the radio is not operated for a short period (a desired period of time can be programmed into your personal radio), the lone worker feature will emit an audible alarm for 30 seconds at… read more