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Vertex VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Race Teams

The Vertex VX-231 two-way radios available at Two Way Direct!

Two way radios for race teams supporting UHF or VHF frequencies operate in favor of both the driver and the crew. These radios deliver extensive coverage throughout the race track, so both are able to stay in constant contact with each other throughout the drive. Two way radios provide drivers with instant and reliable communication… read more

Vertex Standard VXD-R70 DMR Digital Repeater UHF

The Vertex Standard VX-231 radio is one that every business should consider using to amplify communication among their staff and co-workers. With a Lithium-Ion battery and 5 full watts of power for maximum coverage, you are guaranteed to have reliable communication while on the job. Two Way Direct has the VXD-R70 DMR Digital Repeater UHF… read more