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Vertex VX-231 Batteries: Low Price, High Quality

Vertex VX-231 Batteries

Vertex Batteries are built with maximum durability for ultimate protection of your two way radio. You have the ability to choose from NiCd, NiMH, or Lithium-Ion battery. All of these batteries are long lasting and have compatible chargers for battery life. Specifically, the VertexAi??FNB-V132LI-UNI / FNB-V131LI-UNI replacement, aka the Vertex VX-231 batteries are a 2500… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Construction

Two way radios for construction are the safe and more affective approach for connection on the job. We understand that your team has different needs for different worksites, and that is why we recommend this safe and affective way to connect with others anywhere. These devices allow workers to create rapid communication to enhance the… read more

Vertex Standard EVX-R70 Radio Repeater

All Vertex Standard VX radios use time-division multiple-access 6.25kHz efficient digital technology that doubles the capacity for the price of one frequency license. The radios support twice as many talk groups or calls without adding more licensing costs. The repeater comes with an LED status indicator that enables easy monitoring of the device. Status indicators… read more

Free Programming on VX-231 Radios at Two Way Direct

At Two Way Direct we believe in making everything easy for the customers who purchase our radios. Every Vertex VX-231 radio is customized to meet your personal needs as a customer. We are happy to program your portable radios for free to enable your requested frequency. They will program all of the radios you ordered… read more

Vertex Radio Carry Cases

The Vrtex VX-230 series has plenty of accessories designed for the protection of your radio. A variety of carrying accessories are available for your comfort and convenience. The carrying cases are available in nylon and leather. The Vertex LCC-351S Leather Carry Case fits the VX-231 VHF or UHF radio perfectly. This case is essential for… read more

The Vertex VX-MH 450S Speaker Microphone

The Vertex MH-450S Speaker Microphone is a great accessory to go along with the VX-231 VHF or UHF radios. If you are looking to simplify your portable radio communication then a speaker microphone is what you will need. The wind porting feature dramatically lessens background and noise caused by high winds and other severe weather… read more