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Vertex VX450 series Waterproof Two Way Radio


Vertex has outdone itself with this industrial grade portable two-way radio. The VX450 series two-way radios are both waterproof and extremely durable, built for extreme environments where water does not harm the radio. This radio can be submersed in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and be completely unharmed! The Vertex VX451 two-way radio comes in… read more

The Waterproof Vertex VX451 Two Way Radio

Vertex VX451 Two Way Radio

The Vertex VX451 two way radio  is a wateproof UHF 450-512MHz 5 Watt radio, complete with an FNB-V133LI-UNI 1380mAh Lith-Ion 7.5V Battery, CLIP-20 Belt Clip, ATU-16D Antenna, VAC-UNIB Rapid Charger and a 3-Year Factory Warranty. The industrial grade Vertex VX-450 series of portable two way radios offer durable, on-the-job responsiveness, maximizes worker uptime with expanded safety applications, and has rugged built-in features designed… read more

Discounted Vertex VX451 Two-Way Radio!

The Vertex VX451 two-way radio available at Two Way Direct!

Have you heard about the Vertex™ brand yet? If so, you know that Vertex™ is a company, which Motorola™ actually owns! These radios are simply a way to offer a better radio than any you have encountered before, and offering them for better pricing. Motorola™ is offering a two-way radio line that is better than the high-end radios, which they… read more