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The New #1 Two Way Radio- Vertex® VX231

Two Way Radio- Vertex® VX231

The Vertex® VX231. This radio model has become #1 on the market today as a top two way radio seller. Whether companies are looking to make their first purchase, or if they are just trying to replace old radios, they are searching for a great deal and along with a high quality product for their unique communication… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Hunting

Most have found that two way radios for hunting to be very beneficial on several of their expeditions. Having a two way radio with you while you are on the hunt allows you to be safe and efficient with your communication. Two way radios are amped up versions of walkie talkies you have probably used… read more

Vertex VX-231 Radios and Accessories for School Security

  In the surveillance industry, timing and communication are essential, that is why two way radios for school security are the better option when it comes to staying connected. At Two Way Direct we understand that fast response times and proper video surveillance tools are the building blocks for a successful security system. We also… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Golf Courses

Integrate your communication on the job with two way radios for golf courses. With overall constructive maintenance, these devices keep you connected with your team at all times. You are able to reach each other from far distances when you use two way radios. The VX-231 radios reach coverage for up to 5 miles with… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Firefighters

When the lives of citizens lie in your hands, it is critical that you have two way radios for firefighters. These devices allow you to keep connected with the other members of your team in a safe and efficient way. The Vertex VX-231 radios are designed for easy operation, so when you are wearing gloves;… read more

VX-231 Radios and Accessories for Construction

Two way radios for construction are the safe and more affective approach for connection on the job. We understand that your team has different needs for different worksites, and that is why we recommend this safe and affective way to connect with others anywhere. These devices allow workers to create rapid communication to enhance the… read more