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Why Use Two Way Radios Over Cell Phones?


One world, Location! The simple fact is cell phones just dont work everywhere. We have all experienced dead zones, no bars and Ai??breaking up. With Two Way Radios you will keep in contact as long as you are in range of your party. There are plenty of reasons to use Two Way Radios over Cell… read more

Best Radio To Work In The Marine Industry

Manouvering container ship

Are you buying countless waterproof protective cases for your two way radios? You can skip all the hassle and worries by getting a waterproof radio. No not splash proof, waterproof. This can be a huge helpful change for you when working in a marine industry! Vertex has made an incredibly durable and waterproof radio that… read more

Discounted Vertex VX451 Two-Way Radio!

The Vertex VX451 two-way radio available at Two Way Direct!

Have you heard about the Vertexai??? brand yet? If so, you know thatAi??Vertexai???Ai??is a company, which Motorolaai???Ai??actually owns! These radios are simply a way to offer a better radio than any you have encountered before, and offering them for better pricing.Ai??Motorolaai???Ai??is offering a two-way radio line that is better than the high-end radios, which they… read more