Clear Transmission With The Motorola CP200 Earpiece

The listening device known as theAi??Motorola CP200 earpieceAi??is an excellent accessory for two-way radio systems and is mostly used in security operations. If you are work in an industry that requires intensive security, surveillance kit earpieces are critical equipment to your agency. A three-wire surveillance kit consists of three components: a microphone, a PTT (Push-To-Talk) switch and a flexible earpiece with a mic. The unit has several points of adjustment which give the user the most secure position to best transmit voice and to clearly pickup incoming audio. With this stealth earpiece from Motorola you get the best-in-class HD audio without the hassle of wires. We are the new voice of the radio communications market space, so contact one of our trained professionals today for help with all of your two-way radio needs!