Lowest Price Guaranteed on the MotorolaAi?? CP200 Speaker Microphone

The MotorolaAi?? CP200 is literally one of the most popular radio choices on the market today. It’s features are appealing and the price-point is as well. But it is not just theAi??radio that you need, it is the accessories that go with it! You can purchase accessories ranging from batteries and chargers to speaker microphones and earpieces. Our personal favorite here at Two Way Direct is theAi??MotorolaAi?? CP200 Speaker Microphone, or shoulder microphone, whatever you prefer to call it. This microphone is a great option for a low-cost, efficient add-on to your communication system. With a clip on the back, the speaker mic can attach to a shirt or other clothing item you are wearing. Simply reach up and press the push-to-talk button to transmit your message to the other person. Release and you are hands-free once again!

Two Way Direct offers speaker/shoulder microphones for the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED!

Two Way Direct offers a replacement for this originalAi??MotorolaAi??Ai??CP200 Speaker MicrophoneAi??in the form of theAi??PMMN4013A. TheAi??PMMN4013A is the replacement for thisAi??MotorolaAi?? CP110, BPR40, CP185, PR400 and CP200 Shoulder Microphone. Our replacement features a coil cord, a swivel clip and a 3.5mm audio jack for earset connections. Both theAi??PMMN4013A as well as the originalAi??MotorolaAi??Ai??CP200 Speaker Microphone are compatible withAi??MotorolaAi?? radio modelsAi??CP110, BPR40, CP185, PR400 and CP200. TheAi??onlyAi??difference is that the theAi??PMMN4013A is manufactured in-house and is able to be sold at a much lower price-point as other retailers.

Hesitant about purchasing this product? Well, it should put your mind to ease to know that theAi??PMMN4013A has received 5-star ratings on the twowaydirect.com website