F60V D-Shell Earpiece To Replace DISCONTINUED F60 Accessories!

The Icom F60V D-Shell Earpiece on sale!
The Icom F60V D-Shell Earpiece on sale!

The Icom F60 two-way radio has been DISCONTINUED for a while now. So, if you have been using this radio for a while, what are your options??

The IcomAi??F60VAi??is the solution to this issue!

With the F60VAi??comes the accessories, including that of the Icom F60V D-Shell EarpieceAi??. This particular earpiece is a great option as far as an accessory to work with yourAi??new fluconazole canada pharmacy. #Diflucan Canada Online. diflucan otc cvs. Ai??two-way radios. This earpiece possesses a d-shell frame, which hooks around the ear and secures itself onto the head. No sudden movements will throw this off. Also, the clear audio has been a great asset to this accessory. The audio port lies just above the ear canal, resonating pristine audio for better communication.Ai??

Want to make your communication more discreet? Run the wire leading from the earpiece to the two-way radio beneath the shirt. When you would like to transmit a message, simply reach up to press the push-to-talk button. Once it is pressed, speak. After you have sent your message, release the button and you are hands-free again!

TheAi??IcomAi??F60V D-Shell EarpieceAi??is a popular product, whichAi??Two Way DirectAi??offers. This earpiece has received 5-star ratings from customers who have made this purchase.

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