Discounted F60V Surveillance Earpiece

Find the Icom F60V Surveillance Earpiece at Two Way Direct!

Find the Icom F60V Surveillance Earpiece at Two Way Direct!



Need a discreet, economical, low-cost solution for your need of secure communication? Two Way Direct has the answer!

The Icom F60V Surveillance Earpiece is the best option for an accessory to work with your Icom F60V two-way radio. This earpiece possesses discreetness with the clear-coil acoustic tube, which rests behind the ear. The wire runs beneath the clothes in order to keep the fact that any equipment is being worn concealed. In order to transmit a message, simply reach up to press the push-to-talk button. Once your message has gone through, release the button and you are hands-free again. This particular earpiece makes communication much more efficient and unnoticeable. These are items that you may see secret service workers wearing.

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