G-Hook Earpiece for your Two-Way Radio

Looking for an levitra uses. #Buy Levitra canada. levitra dosage. earpiece for your two-way radio but not sure what kind to get? Do you want the earmuff style or the small, over-the-ear kind?

G-Hook earpiece image

The G-hook earpiece design is an over-the-ear style that is very useful and comfortable to wear. Ai??Having only a single cord, it has a push-to-talk button with loud and clear audio. It coils up and over the ear and can be used on either ear. This earpiece is easy to clean and easy to use and will make using your two-way radio a breeze when communicating. Also, by using this earpiece your radio fluconazole and alcohol. #Generic Diflucan . diflucan cream. can become a hands-free device by staying clipped to your belt or remain in your pocket, which will extend the life of your radio because of less handling.

G-hook earpiece


Available for Motorola, Vertex, and Kenwood, the G-hook earpiece is a great accessory to add to your two-way radio collection. Give Two Way Direct a call if you have any questions – 888-742-5893, or check out our website, www.Twowaydirect.com, to see all the other great products and accessories available for your two-way radio!