IMPRES Batteries for Your Motorola Radio

IMPRES Batteries - PMNN4077C
IMPRES Batteries – PMNN4077C

Many people are left wondering what IMPRES batteries are and what they stand for, before they want to make a purchase of our Two Way Radios. IMPRES batteries are part of Motorola’s advanced battery system. These batteries feature automated battery maintenance that extends the life of your battery.A�A�IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help lengthen battery life and extend talk time, so you can be assured your radio battery is ready when you go out on a call. There are plenty of Motorola radios that have adopted the Motorola IMPRES batteries as part of their structure. One in particular is the Motorola XPR6550 Radio. This high-tech radio relies on long-lasting and smart-tech batteries, that is why Two Way Direct offers these radios and the Motorola XPR6500 Batteries for the best price online.

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