Motorola 2-Wire Surveillance Earpieces

Communication from person to person is non-stop. Itai??i??s part of what makes the world function. Having private conversations while others are around is sometimes difficult when you donai??i??t want the other people around you to hear your entire conversation. Some situations also require you to be discreet as a courtesy to those around you. When youai???re using two-way radios, everyone hears your conversation ai??i?? unless you use earpieces. Ai??The Motorola 2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece is a great accessory to have when using your Motorola two-way radios to eliminate that problem.

Motorola 2-wire surveillance earpiece


The RLN5318A TWDAi??earpieceAi??is perfect to use when youai??i??re looking to keep your conversation private. It has a push-to-talk mic with a sturdy button and an alligator clip on the back of the mic so you can clip it onto your clothes. The quick disconnect acoustic tube is a great feature because it is easily replaceable and also makes it very convenient for each employee to have their own. At the end of the clear coil there is a memory foam ear tip that can be easily molded to fit in your ear comfortably.Ai?? Also a great feature is the alligator clip at the base of the clear coil that you can attach to your shirt for a fit that is closer to your body.

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Heavy duty Motorola 2-wire surveillance earpiece



If youai??i??re looking to get something thatai??i??s a little more heavy duty, the MotorolaAi??RLN5318A-HD TWDAi??earpiece is a great choice. Itai??i??s the same as the standard earpiece but it has kevlar-reinforced cabling, (just like the material in police bullet-proof vests), which will hold up well with everyday use.

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These surveillance earpieces are compatible with the Motorola BPR40, CP200, CP200d, CLS1110, CLS1410, and the PR400, as well as many other Motorola models that share the M1 connector, which is the standard Motorola 2 pin connector.


Replacement clear coilsAi??andAi??memory foam tipsAi??are available for purchase fromAi??Two Way DirectAi??by going toAi??our website or by calling 888-742-5893. Let us know what you need!