Stay Powered With The Motorola CP200 Multi-Unit Charger

Clear communication is vital for your agency, company or organization. Your fleet of radios must be fully powered whether it’s rapid response, customer service or team coordination. TheAi??Motorola CP200 multi-unit charger, known as theAi??6 Shot Slim, is one of the best purchases you can make for your business since investing in the initial radio system. ThisAi??multi-unit chargerAi??ensures that all devices for your two-way radios are on point, fully charged and in one location. Clone your settings, free up office and outlet space. Charge up to six radios at once instead of using a large outlet strip for multiple AC transformers. Get peak performance from the communication tools you depend on with this space and time-saving charger.Ai??ContactAi??our communications consultant today for details about one of our best selling accessories. Let us be your one-stop resource for allAi??two-way Motorola accessoriesAi??so that your communication network is protected at all times.