The NNTN4497CR Lithium-Ion Battery

Unlike the disposable standard lithium battery, the lithium-ion battery is the environmentally friendly option. Whereas standard disposable batteries are tossed in the garbage after depletion, lithium-ion batteries create less waste. When this revolutionary battery expires, simply place it on a lithium-ion charger. Lithium-ion batteries are the economical choice for powering two-way radios, digital cameras and laptops. With their long life spans, lithium-ion batteries are rapidly gaining popularity over disposable batteries and other types of rechargeable batteries. When a lithium-ion battery is damaged, or after years of use, just recycle it! These batteries contain no liquid electrolyte, thus there is no risk of chemical burns from a damaged battery. And lastly, lithium-ion batteries store more power than other rechargeable batteries. Even after months of storage they retain their energy. If your two-way radio system uses the NNTN4497CR battery for the Motorola CP series radios and you are due for replacements, speak with one of our representatives today about our two-way radio system optimization support. Let us be your one-stop resource for two-way Motorola batteries so that you can keep your agency’s communication network protected at all times.